3 Way Ball Valve with Rotary Actuator

  • Three Way Ball Valve is available in either “L” Port or “T” Port.
  • “L” Port Three Way Ball Valve is used for pipelines to switch the flow direction of two-flow lines perpendicular with each other.
  • “T” Port Three Way Ball Valve is used for diverting, mixing or switching the flow direction.
  • Ball passage is able to switch on three flow lines or switch on two of the three flow lines.
  • Four Seats for equal seat loading.
  • Gland Packing, Seals & Spring Washers for zero leakage from gland.
  • Interface: ISO 5211.
  • Body MOC : CS, CF8, CF8M.
  • Trim MOC : CF8, CF8M.
  • Seat MOC : PTFE, GFT, PEEK (Special on Request).
  • Size: 1″ (25mm) to 8″ (200mm).

Types of 3 – Way Ball Valves Flow Directions