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PNECON AUTOMATION is an associate company of Pneucon Valves Pvt. Ltd, who are pioneer in Design, Development and Manufature of complete range of Control Valves.Pneucon Automation is promoted to manufacture complete range of AUTOMATED ON-OFF VALVES to meet the diverse automation of the modern process industries.Read More


To become “Customers’ Preferred Company” world wide,that Manufactures and delivers with Global Service Support,Valves and Actuators including large sizes and for severe services with zero defects within the shortest lead time.


Strengthen internal operating process,streamline the vendor base and establish pro-active planning mechanism to support the establishment of sales and service globally.


Memorable journeys are often motivated by the destination. Similarly, when Pneucon was established in the year 1996, we had set a target for ourselves – to achieve the highest level of excellence. We were not competing with anyone but ourselves. We are inspired to improve ourselves and set a highly respectable benchmark in the industry.

We, at Pneucon have a team of visionaries and technocrats who have been instrumental in taking us to the position that we today hold in the industry. We have a team of individuals whose persistent efforts help in fortifying our position in the industry.

At Pneucon safety and health of our employees takes the top priority. We ensure a zero accident policy for our employees and contractors.
We shall continue our pursuit of excellence with the same zeal with which we embarked on this journey.


Pneucon is committed to achive continual improvement in all facets of our products which are fit for the specified purpose and comply with the company’s management Policies, Indian Boiler Regulation, ASME Codes & Pressure Equipment Directives & Other National and International Standards and Statutory & Regulatory requirements as applicable to the products that meet or exceeds clients expectations. Pneucon has defined and documented its policy for quality which provides the overall objective for an effective Quality Management System. The quality Policy is relevant to the company Goals and the expectations of its customers.
WE “PNEUCON AUTOMATION PVT LTD” are committed to provide highest quality of “AUTOMATED FLOW CONTROL VALUES & ACCESSORIES” products and services as Following.
  • Timely Deliveries to meet our customer’s requirements.
  • Continually improve our products and services to meet our customers changing requirements.
  • Ensuring that all our employees are trained and are aware or Customers expectations and requirements.
  • providing technical support necessary to customers.
  • Working jointly with customers for development of new products.
  • Complying national & International standards and statutory requirements as applicable to product Objective
  • Increase Sales
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Customer Complaints
  • On Time Delivery
  • Reduce Internal Rejections
  • Reduce Internal Rework
  • Improve Vendors evaluation
  • New Product Development
PNEUCON operates a Quality Management System Certified as ISO-9001:2008 by TUV NORD GmbH accrediated by DAKKS. Our Products and associated technology serves the industries that are extremely diverse in their requirements. In particular, factors such as castings acceptance levels vary considerably from one type of user to another. Experience has shown that it is not viable to develop a universal system to meet the varying requirements. In response to this situation, we offer open examination of our methods and systems by the user or his appointed representative. This type of examination may be considered on a single contract basis or as a regular user basis.
We do not seek a formal approval but in case of any approval implicit or inherent in our acceptance as suppliers may be enclosed on a formal basis by user if he so wishes.
Additionally, In case of any variation in our system, which may arise in the context of individual contracts, this facility is directed towards intermediate contractors who are themselves endeavoring to meet the diverse requirements of this principles.
Except as stated by contractual commitment on features such as flange connection, etc. no blanket standards shall be considered to apply, however the construction and control of our products are predominantly influenced by Indian and ANSI Standards and their various derivatives and supplements. Where references are made to certain standards in the attached summery, these indicate our normal practice. Since many standards include sections to be mutually agreed between user and supplier, our compliance on any specific point should be the subject of confirmation.



Pneucon Automation
Pneucon Engineering department’s aim is design innovation. Our ability, experience and expertise is exercised through the use of sophisticated technology and CAD/CAE equipment results in the production of high quality automated valves for wide range of applications.



Pneucon Automation
Pneucon manufacturing unit is equipped with latest machineries, equipments and test facilities. Our production team consist of skilled workers who ensure to employ latest state-of-the-art modern techniques in the entire cycle of production under stringent quality control.



Pneucon Automation
In order to meet the diverse automation demands of the modern process industries, Pneucon Automation is promoted to manufacture complete range of AUTOMATED ON-OFF VALVES with highest quality standards.



Pneucon Automation
At Pneucon Automation, we emphasize on the effective time management policy while dealing with our customers. This policy enables us to adhere to utmost product quality, fulfilling customer requirements and providing timely delivery of valves.